Pies & Pastries


We work with an award-winning butcher to make our own range of pies. Flavours include Chicken & Chorizo, Steak & Blue Cheese, Pork Pies, Apple & Wensleydale, Rhubarb & Sweet Chilli, Black Pudding to name but a few. The Pork pies are sourced from happy free-range pigs that have a football to play with & fed the highest quality diet. Also ask about our newly developed Vegan pie range!

Vegan Pies

We have worked closely with an award-winning pie producer to create two Vegan pies, one is packed with seasonal root vegetables with a light spice, the other is filled with mushroom, lentils & shallots.

Gastro Pie Range

To help ease the strain felt by staff shortages in the kitchen we’ve worked with two local chefs to create a range of gastro pies perfect for a main course.

In the range we have a steak & a 3 swords ale pie, in the beef has been braising in the ale for 12 hours, with added carrot & onion for sweetness. Chicken, leek and rarragon and/or a saag aloo vegan pie.

Sausage Rolls

Our Sausage Rolls are full to the brim with meat. They come in three different flavours; traditional, Pork, Apple & Wensleydale & Pork & Black Pudding. They are seasoned to perfection.

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