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Silver Pewter Mouse Cheese Knife:

Hand made at Wentworth Pewter in Sheffield by skilled craftsmen, such as Bill Kerry a Pewter Spinner.

Bill Joined Wentworth Pewter in 1969 his role is spinning pieces of pewter into different products and turning a customer's design into a reality.

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Board & decorations for illustration only.

Bill Says:

'' I work on the more complicated special commissions. Learning how to spin pieces of pewter into different shapes on the lathe takes years of experience. I've spun tankards, goblets, tea sets, plates, candle sticks, jugs and even a church font. You can't get these pieces off the shelf; they're completely handmade and bespoke.

I've been in the trade for 50 years, first for the famous cutlers Viners then on to the Pewter Manufacturing Company, which I saw being opened by then Prime Minister, Harold Wilson. I could have retired by now, but I don't want to pack it in. Every day is different, and each job has different challenges “

Bill has taught some of the last remaining pewtersmiths in the country.

This cheese knife will be a real treasured piece for any cheese lover.

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