Cheeseboard creation & staff training

One of our unique selling points is our impeccable service. With a combined 60 years + industry experience we are experts in our field with both Richard & Jemma being regular judges at the World Cheese Awards. Cryer & Stott make strong & lasting relationships with our suppliers which includes weekly contact & annual site visits to grade quality & keep updated on what’s new. On the other hand, we work closely with chefs to advise on seasonal cheeseboard selections. We offer well rounded cheeseboards to chefs’ specific remit & always hitting GP.

 Once we’ve jointly decided on the perfect selection, we create menus stating history, taste, locality & awards, this can be stated on the menu or given to staff members for knowledge of the new board. We are happy to bring small tasters of the new cheeses & host a training session with chefs & front of house staff. This is the perfect opportunity for staff to learn portioning sizes, the order in which to taste to cheese & important allergen information. We find that cheese is one of the last things your guest will eat so it is imperative that it shines & served with the uppermost knowledge for a lasting impression. You will notice an increase in cheese sales based on thought being put into the cheeseboard selection & the staff being able to confidently talk the guest through the cheeses.

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