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Cryer & Stott Exclusive Cheese

Cryer & Stott work with specialist cheesemakers across the UK to create a range of own recipe cheeses.

Rhuby Crumble – A Wensleydale style cheese blended with Yorkshire forced Rhubarb & a hint of Vanilla pod.

Yorkshire Cask – A mature cheddar blended with Kirkstall Virtuous ale & wholegrain mustard.

Flatcapper Brie – A rich & creamy northern brie.

Duke of Wellington – A soft, peppery blue cheese.

Endeavour – Double cream cows milk cheese washed in Masons Yorkshire Tea Gin.

Stottie – A mini goat’s brie with lemony undertones.

Ewe Beauty – A vegetarian rennet pecorino style cheese with washed brine.

Britannia – 16-month mature cheddar, with a bit of a bite.

Sheffield Forge – Yorkshire red, blended with Yorkshires finest Hendersons relish.

Coverdale– A young natural rind Wensleydale style cheese, made in the heart of the dales.

Wave – Mature cheddar blended with Scarborough farmed seaweed

Pomfret Monk – Cheddar blended with powdered liquorice root.

Lilibet Blue – Our own hard pressed stilton style blue.

Northern Goat – Made with Nothern Goats milk to a cheddar style.


British Artisan Cheese

Working with the most amazing artisan producers we offer a huge range of handmade cheeses fresh from the dairy. We visit our cheesemakers on a regular basis to grade the cheeses & taste new recipes. You’ll often find us on the farm learning about the herd or in our overcoats overseeing the making process. British artisan cheeses are our real passion & that really shines through onto our client’s cheeseboard selection.

Continental Cheese

Sourcing cheese from Europe we can supply the perfect continental selection for your cheeseboard or dishes. We receive two deliveries a week from Rungis ensuring our chef receives the best possible shelf life & quality at an agreeable price.


Cryer & Stott have a huge range of essentials including, block cheddars, Yorkshire eggs, black pudding & mayo…. More than just an artisan cheesemonger we can offer these kitchen commodity products at competitive prices. Ask us for a quote, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Yorkshire Artisan Butter

Bywater butter rolls & Caps.

A proper yorkshire butter with real provenance is born!

Over our 24 years in business, we have dealt with the region’s top chefs & time & time again we’re asked if we can provide a Yorkshire butter portion.

The answer was no, we realised there was a gap in the market so, we’ve risen to the challenge of creating one.

Working with third generation farmers Hesper of Skipton North Yorkshire we’ve sourced the finest quality milk from their multi award winning Aireburn cows. The herd re known b their names, not numbers, and graze outside in the fields that the family farm with hard-work, care & respect. Hesper believe in sustainable farming which fits in perfectly with Cryer & Stott ethos and future. This yorkshire collaboration is so exciting for the region, supporting hand skills locally.

To launch we have two formats a retail rool & 10g butter cap portion. We’ve worked hard on the recipe to create what we feel is perfection. The fat content is 82.2g with 1.5g of salt crystals. These artisan butters are individually hand wrapped & the design respresents our Yokrshire roots with a herrinbone flat cap style.

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