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Yorkshire Charcuterie

Cryer & Stott visit our suppliers regularly & have built up a fantastic rapport with our Yorkshire charcuterie producers;

David Lishman – Lishman’s of Ilkley.

At Lishman’s home cured bacon and hams are their speciality. David recalls… “My father grew up on a farm near Harrogate, and during WW2, the POW’s from the local camp were brought to work on the land. One German was a butcher back in his homeland and showed father how to cure and preserve the meat from the pigs on the farm. It’s a method we still use today.” Lishman’s have recently received recognition for their Salamis and cured meats. Using only the best outdoor – reared Yorkshire Pork and high-quality ingredients, they have a delicious range of cured goods for the charcuterie board. You can buy these air-dried hams, salami’s & nduja in whole pieces or pre sliced for ease of serving.

Our Yorkshire charcuterie supplier choose the best cuts for us & ensure we are giving our customers the best Yorkshire products.

British Charcuterie

After a lot of research, we have sourced an amazing producer of British charcuterie based in Cornwall. Deli Farm Charcuterie started in 2005 by enthusiastic foodie couple Martin & Jean Edwards, their products have since gone on to win multiple awards. Deli Farm use prime cuts of meat that are sourced from selected British producers; this is mixed with freshly ground herbs and spices and carefully hand crafted into natural casings. They are then hung up and left to slowly dry; air-dried products have a long shelf life and like a good wine improve with time. You can buy Deli Farm Charcuterie in either whole pieces or pre sliced catering packs.

Continental Charcuterie

Cryer & Stott have the best Italian & Spanish importers to bring our customers authentic charcuterie in sliced or whole format. Paired with our continental cheeses you can offer your guests a true authentic experience.

Bacon & Cooked Meats

Sourced within 2 miles of our head office we stock fantastic quality catering bacon pre sliced for your convenience. Our range of whole & sliced cooked meats are ideal for caterers, delicatessens & sandwich shops with ranges including but not limited to Chicken, Ham, Beef, Pork, Turkey & Tongue.

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